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Finding and Evaluating Information: The Basics
Library Introduction & Instruction
by Connie Sellers - Last Updated May 5, 2015
Academic Libraries: Overview for New and Returning Students
by Sonia Didriksson - Last Updated May 7, 2014
This guide is intended for primarily for adult students, who are just starting or returning to college after many years.
Online Catalog (OPAC): A Guide to Use
by Connie Sellers - Last Updated Aug 27, 2013
Tips on Using the Online Catalog and an Introduction to the Library of Congress Classification System
Full-Text Journal Articles: How to Track Them From a Citation
by Connie Sellers - Last Updated Jan 23, 2014
What Database has the Article You are Looking For? This Guide Explains How to Check.
Ethical Use of Information: A Short Introduction
by Sonia Didriksson - Last Updated Jun 5, 2014
Here are a few notes and links on the proper use of information--especially in an academic setting.
Peer Review and Primary Literature: An Introduction
by Sonia Didriksson, Sarah Griffis - Last Updated Jan 8, 2015
What makes an Article "Peer-Reviewed" or "Primary"?
Biology Research Article--How to Recognize One
by Ellen Yen - Last Updated Sep 15, 2014
Primary Research Studies in Scholarly Journals have Certain Common Attributes--A Few are Detailed Here
Sociology Research Article--How to Recognize One
by Sarah Griffis - Last Updated Jul 14, 2014
What are the Characteristics of a Scholarly Research Study in the Social Sciences?
Literature Reviews - An Introduction
by Lindsey Nichols - Last Updated Sep 13, 2012
What is a literature review? How can I find one in the library databases?
International Student Orientation
by Sonia Didriksson - Last Updated Jun 20, 2014
This overview gathers and summarizes materials from several Library Guides, produced by the Sawyer Library Reference Librarians.
Open Educational Resources
by Connie Sellers - Last Updated May 18, 2015
Open-access (OA) literature is understood to be online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions. This guide links to free, open resources in higher education and includes websites, teaching materials, videos, books, and more.