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INTO AE 065 - Spring 2022: 'CQ Researcher'

Access CQ Researcher here.

CQ Researcher: Sample Search

'CQ Researcher'  is the online version of the publication by the same name.  In addition to the search box, the opening screen displays a selection of recent reports on various topics. CQ is recognized for even-handed, thorough reports on controversial topics.

The results of a search for the term trade war include several appropriate articles, including:

  • Layne, Rachel. "Supply Chains at Risk." CQ Researcher, 3 Jan. 2020, pp. 1-60,

Other business related topics that bring good results include:

  • Bitcoin  (Digital currency)
  • 5G technology
  • The 'gig' economy 


CQ Researcher: Article Highlights

Most reports (*) in CQ Researcher follow a standardized format, beginning with an introduction, overview, and background information. Take note of the PRO / CON section, in which a specific question is posed, and then two arguments, for and against, are presented.

Use the CITE NOW button to capture the citation for your list of works cited. Be sure to select MLA as the style.

Use the ISSUE TRACKER to view additional reports on similar topics.


(*) Some reports may be "Short Reports" intended as an introduction, with links to additional standard length reports.

CQ Researcher: Screenshot Illustrations

CQ Researcher: Sample Article