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Women's Studies: General Women's Studies Portals

This guide provides information about and links to resources useful to Women's Studies topics.

Women's Studies Portals--Academic and Not

This guide is designed to provide annotated links to materials in our Library Collection and also on the general web.  Yet there are hundreds of websites out there that relate to Women's and Gender Studies.  The below websites are gateways to many other internet resources.  Some are updated more often than others (so don't be surprised if you find a dead link).  And some of the websites linked from the below pages are more reliable than others.  It is up to you to judge the usefulness and reliability of the information you find.  For some tips of what to look for, take a look at the box in the lower right.

Subject Guide

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Judging a Website

It is important to think critically about the information you find on the general internet.  (Just as it is important to critically evaluate even those articles you find in our library databases and in books owned by this or other libraries.)  When you find what might be a useful resource on the general web, consider: 

  • Who wrote the content?  Can you tell?  (Unfortunately, most general web materials indicate no authorship, which is an immediate warning flag.)
  • Does the author have clear expertise on the topic being written about?
  • Did the material originate somewhere else?  (If so, ask the above questions about the original source.)
  • Can you contact someone at this website about the content?
  • Can you verify any "facts" in a separate, independent source?
  • Is the originator/author trying to sell you something or promote a specific agenda?
  • Is the material dated?  Is the website regularly updated?

There are so many questions to ask....and you should ask them before using any external resource--especially material from the general internet!