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Business Web Research Basics Resource Guide: Find Newspaper Articles on Your Topic

Search for (Business) News in LexisNexis Academic.

Open the 'Search the News' widget box.

LexisNexis Academic contains most U.S. newspapers, including industry and trade publications. Open the Source Type drop down box within the widget to view all the source types.
  • Major World Publications
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Wire Services
  • Broadcast Transcripts
  • Blogs
  • All News
Select either Newspapers or All News to include likely sources of business news.

This search combines two concepts: nanotechnology, and textiles.

The AND instructs the database to find all of the articles that contain both of those concepts together in the same article. See the section on Boolean Searching for a diagram and description of search operators and their functions.

Note: the source type has been changed from the default, Major World Publications, to All News.

The left hand menu can be opened to sort and display the results by:
  • source types
  • publication titles
  • subject terms
  • industry terms
  • company names
  • locations

The results above have been limited to the sources in the Industry Trade Press category.

Articles are displayed in reverse chronological order, although that can be changed to display by relevancy.

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