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Business Web Research Basics Resource Guide: Additional Business Journal Database: ABI-Inform

Sample Search in ProQuest's ABI/INFORM Complete

By leaving the search form at "All fields + text," the search engine will automatically search for the terms ANYWHERE within the full text of the article. This generates a lot of results; in this case there are 1062 results for the search terms driverless cars.

Note: Generally speaking, ABI/INFORM will NOT necessarily interpret two words typed adjacent to each other as a phrase. This leads to an imprecise search, as shown above in the second search result for driverless cars, which is a news item about driving while under the influence. When using ABI/INFORM, enclose phrases within quotation marks to ensure that adjacent words are recognized as a phrase.

To avoid searching through every single word of every single full text article in ABI/INFORM Complete, select: "All fields (no full text)."

Search for a Phrase in ALL Fields (no full text)

In this new search, the phrase driverless cars has been placed within quotation marks, and the search was conducted in ALL Fields (no full text).

Note: To limit results to only those articles from Peer Reviewed journals, check the box, and enter the search again.

The results list is automatically sorted by date (most recent first). The drop down box lets users change this to relevancy, or to displaying the oldest articles first.

Use of Source Type Limiters in ABI/INFORM Complete

Source type refers to the type of publication, such as newspapers, scholarly (peer reviewed) journals, or brief newswire items. Under More options, ABI/INFORM allows for the selection (or de-selection) of multiple source types at once. In this example, it would be useful to exclude the wire feeds, since those items tend to be less substantial than articles from journals and newspapers.

Limit by Publication

To view results just from a certain publication, click on the publication title; or choose more options to include / exclude multiple publications.

Note: ProQuest's ABI/INFORM Complete includes the Wall Street Journal. The Wall Street Journal may also be searched separately.

Subject Limiters

In addition to source type and publication title, there are several other ways to limit large numbers of search results. Once expanded, each of these choices allow for including / excluding one or more selections.

In this example a new search was done: "driverless cars," in quotations, searched in ALL fields (+ text). This brought 188 results, which allows for a wider range of subject headings than what would have been available in a smaller set of 54 results from the previous search.

By selecting two subject headings, the results will be limited to articles assigned to either one, or the other, or both of the two subject headings. The set has been narrowed down to 15 articles. The top three results, in order by date, are displayed below.


ProQuest's ABI/INFORM Complete