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Persistent URLs (PURLs) -- How to Create Them: LexisNexis

More information

This is a very new feature for this database. For updates or more information, visit the Lexis Nexis Wiki at

Locating the PURL

  1. Run a search in Lexis Nexis Academic
  2. From the results screen, click on the title of an article to access the full entry
    Screenshot of brief citation in Lexis Nexis Academic 
  3. In the upper right corner, locate the PURL icon Screenshot of the PURL icon in the icon bar.
    Screenshot of the full citation for an article with the Icon Bar encircled 
  4. Click on the icon.

Copying the PURL

  1. In the window that opens, use your mouse to right-click the title of the article
    screenshot of the popup containing the PURL link 
  2. Select "Copy Shortcut" (for Internet Explorer users), "Copy Link Location" (for Firefox users), "Copy Link" (for Safari users), or "Copy Link Address"(for Google Chrome users)
    screenshot of the PURL popup with a mouse's right-click menu opened and with an arrow pointing at the 'Copy Link Address' 
  3. Paste the link either by holding down the CTRL and V keys simultaneously on your keyboard,
    or by right-clicking and selecting Paste.
    screenshot of the right-click mouse menu paste option encircled 


This is still a very new feature of Lexis Nexis Academic.

Before distributing a link generated from this function, it is very important to test pasting and loading it.  Occasionally, when one tries to load a link, the following message will appear: This content is not available on your subscription. For more information, please contact your Account Executive.

If a link loads this message, it will never work. It will be necessary to re-attempt creating the PURL.

At present the only work around seems to be to close out of the database, reopen it, redo the search, and then to try copying the PURL again.