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Persistent URLs (PURLs) -- How to Create Them: Ebsco

Opening the detailed record

  • The permanent link for article records is located in the full version of the Ebsco record, to reach it, click on the title of the article's brief record.

Screenshot of Ebsco brief record

Finding the permalink

  • The permanent link is located on the right sidebar, second from the bottom.
  • It is circled in red below.

Ebsco detailed record screenshot

Copying the permalink

  • Click on the word permalink or the link icon that appears to the left of the text.
  • Ther permalink will appear above the title of the document.

Highlighting the permalink in Ebsco


  • Place your cursor on top of the link and click, the link text will highlight, allowing you to copy it (hold down the CTRL and C keys together).

Permalink bubble in Ebsco


  • You may now paste this permanent link wherever you wish (hold down the CTRL and V keys together).