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Persistent URLs (PURLs) -- How to Create Them: Gale/InfoTrac

Opening the detailed record

  • The permanent link for article records is located in the full version of the record, to reach it, click on the title of the article's brief record.

Screenshot of gale brief citation

Finding the permalink


  • The permanent link is located on the right sidebar, first column, second from the bottom.
  • In Gale databases, it is labeled as Bookmark This Document
  • It is circled in red below.


Screenshot of Gale detailed record

Copying the permalink

Clicking the star will lead to a popup window containing the permanent link to this article.

Use your mouse to highlight the entire link and then hold down the CTRL and C keys together to copy this link.

Screenshot of permalink popup

An Important Note

If you find that your PURL is not working, check to see if it has a pipe character (|) in it. If this is the case, try replacing all instances of the pipe with %7c.

DO NOT TRY this replacement unless the URL with the pipe (|) in it does not work.