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Persistent URLs (PURLs) -- How to Create Them: Wiley

Opening the detailed record

  • The permanent link for article records is located in the full version of the record, to reach it, click on the title of the article's brief record.

Screenshot of brief record in Wiley Online Library

Finding the Permalink

  • Wiley positions the permanent links both above and below the abstract on the full record.
  • One is given the choice of copying a permanent link for the format in either HTML or PDF format, the decision is really one of preference.

Abstract screenshot in Wiley Online Library

Copying the Permalink

  • Once you have decided whether you would prefer the article in HTML or PDF format, move your mouse to hover over one of the two links for that format.
  • Right-click with the mouse and choose Copy link location (Copy shortcut in Internet Explorer).

Screenshot of copying a permalink in Wiley Online Library