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Persistent URLs (PURLs) -- How to Create Them: Springer

Opening the detailed record

  1. Access the SpringerLink database by visiting
  2. Perform a search to locate the article or articles to which you wish to link.
  3. The permanent link for article records is located in the full version of the record, to reach it, click on the title of the article's brief record.

Screenshot of Springer brief record

Finding the permalink

  • SpringerLink uses Digital Object Identifiers, or DOIs to create stable links to its articles.
  • This article's DOI has been circled in red below.

Screenshot of Springer full record

  • Under the about tab, scroll down to the line labelled DOI
    • DOI stands for 'Document Object Identifier'

Copying the permalink

  • Use the mouse to highlight the DOI
  • With the mouse, right-click
  • Select the option to 'copy

Screenshot of Springer full record with copy instructions

Using a DOI to access an article

The purpose of a DOI is to create a permanent location for a website, that will never move, regardless of site redesigns, etc.

To use a DOI to retrieve a webpage:

  • Enter into the browser's navigation bar.
  • From here, either:
    • paste the DOI at the end of the URL
    • Or, paste the DOI into the DOI resolver box
    • Click Go
    • Note, if you would like this link to work off campus, isntead of putting at the front of it, use Doing so will allow users to sign into the Sawyer Library using their full names and Suffolk ID numbers.