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Subscribing to Journal RSS Feeds: HighWire

Journals with Feeds

A list of journals within HighWire Press that have RSS feeds can be located at:

  1. Go to:
  2. In the list that appears, locate the journal to which you would like to subscribe
  3. Click on its title
  4. Depending on the journal, different RSS feeds are available. Most commonly, you will see:
     screenshot of RSS feed options for a journal
  5. The first of these options will send you an update on the Table of Contents with every new issue that comes out, and is often what interests people.
  6. Click on the feed to which you would like to subscribe
  7. Copy the URL of the page that opens
    screenshot of URL of an RSS Feed 
  8. Follow the instructions under Adding a Subscription to an RSS Reader to complete the process of subscribing to the feed.

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