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Subscribing to Journal RSS Feeds: RSS Readers

Online RSS Readers

Desktop RSS Readers

RSS in Email

Microsoft Outlook has a built-in RSS Feed Reading capability.  All feeds are stored in a folder separate from the email inbox within Mail. As with desktop applications, these feeds can only be accessed from the computer where they are set up.

Available RSS Readers

An RSS feed opened in a regular web page will probably look pretty strange. Its coding must be parsed by a feed reader to make any sense.  There are a variety of feed readers out there, most falling into two categories --  

Online these are usually websites that require you to create an account, and upon login, your feeds can be accessed from anywhere.

Desktop these are usually programs downloaded to an individual computer. They often appear as widgets along the right sidebar of your computer screen.

Some feed readers are freely available, others require purchase or subscription. In the end, they will all read the feeds you put into them, but some will allow for additional features such as sharing of posts between friends or replying or commenting on the information within the post.  The decision to use one feed reader over another is a question of personal preference. If you are uncertain as to your preferences, one can always try a variety until one determines a preference.

To the left is a selection of readers that appear in each category. There are certainly many more out there, so go ahead look for another one if none of these tickle your fancy!


Instructions in this guide will use Microsoft Outlook and Google Reader as two examples for how to add subscriptions to an RSS Reader. These instructions are located on a subpage under this tab. Mouse over the RSS Readers tab to view the subpage on Adding a Subscription to an RSS Reader.

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