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Nonprofits, Philanthropic Organizations and Grant Writing Resource Guide: Grant Writing Resources

Information on Nonprofit Organizations and Charitable Groups, as well as Grant Writing

ebrary eBooks on Grant Writing

Ebooks that may be accessed 24/7 from whereever you have an internet connection.

A few examples of ebrary books found under the Subject "Proposal Writing for Grants" are available here.

Search related subjects for additional eBooks.

An ABC-CLIO eBook of Interest

ABC-CLIO eBooks related to Grant Writing include:


Sawyer Library Books on Grant Writing

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Sawyer Library owns quite a few books related to the procedure of Grant Writing.  Many have the Library of Congress Subject Heading "Proposal Writing for Grants"

Other specific subjects often start with "Proposal Writing in...."  To explore these, look at  this results list.

In all cases, click the most appropriate subject heading, then click on individual titles to find call number and location information, or to find a link to the eBook.

Besides books, don't forget to the explore articles that might discuss grant-writing tips or give you background on a specific foundation that you are hoping to develop as a funding source.

Click the "Library Databases" tabbed page above to link to some of these. Other databases might also be useful to your specific area.  For example, our medical databases might be useful when researching funding for a clinic. Explore other Library Guides for ideas of databases in other fields.

Selected Websites with Information on the Grant Writing Process

These websites provide tips and tricks on grant writing. In some cases they provide examples of the types of documents you'll need to prepare.

Subject Guide

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