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RefWorks Resource Guide: Import Filters/Manual Exporting

Import Filters/Manual Exporting

Some databases require an Import Filter. For those databases which are not direct export partners, RefWorks offers import filters for importing database search results into RefWorks. For the most comprehensive listing and instructions for use of imports, sign on to your account, select the Help tab, and choose “Getting References into Your Account." Instructions are detailed and quite helpful.



Here are general steps for manually exporting records:

1.From the list of database search results, check, mark, or save the citations you want.
2.Find your "saved list," "marked items," "folder," etc.
3.Save the citations to a text file.
4.Login to your RefWorks account
5.From the tool bar, select References, and choose Import from the drop-down menu.
6.Select the appropriate Data Source / Database.
7.Find the text file you just saved.
8.Click Import

For specific Importing instructions plus Direct Export, and Manual Adding, see "Importing From Online Data Vendors" in RefWorks Help Index.

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