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RefWorks Resource Guide: RefShare


RefShare allows users to share their RefWorks database or just specific folders within RefWorks with other users in their organization.  This function enhances collaborative research. 

To share a folder or database:





 1. Select the Share Tab or View Shared Area from the drop-down menu on the tool bar.

 2. In the Share area, there will be a list of your folders. You have two options:

  -Share your enter database (all references and all folders) 

   -Share only a specific folder (or folders)

3. For each folder there is a icon, Share and at the top of the page is the same icon that will Share Entire Database.  Clicking on the icon Share icon, will take you to a Share Folder Options page.  This page will allow you to set up various permissions for your RefShare Recipients.  

 4. From the newly created Shared Folder Options page, a specific URL is generated, and the user may email this URL for the shared folder or database to the intended RefShare recipients.



 5. Also from this Options page, the user may determine the print, export, and bibliographic options available to RefShare recipients.

 6. At any point, the user my click the Remove Share button and end sharing.


RefShare creates a persistent link to a RefWorks folder of the user's choice.  The user may email this link or link to the web site.   

For more detailed information concerning the use of RefShare, see the vendor's RefWorks LibGuide.

RefWoks' "Sharing Your References"

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