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RefWorks Resource Guide: Working with References

Working with References

Small icons to the right of each reference provide short cuts to viewing and editing each reference.

In order from right to left, the star icon means "Add to my list," the pencil and paper icon means "Edit," the brackets icon means "Cite," and the magnifying glass means "View."


“Add to My List” allows the user to create is a list of references which may be separated from or not placed in a named folder.      


"Edit" allows the user to change portions of the citation.                 


Clicking on the "Edit" icon allows the user to see various parts of the citation which may need changing.

The "Cite" (brackets) icon allows the user to create both a citation for a Reference List (Bibliography) and an in-cite citation.

In-text citation:


The "View" icon (magnifying glass) provides a view of the full reference.

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