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RefWorks Resource Guide: RefGrab-It



RefGrab-it is a utility that allows the importing of web page information into RefWorks. It will only grab as much information as the web page designer provides. Download RefGrab-it from RefWorks. Go to Tools, then RefGrab-It. Follow the installation instructions which will place RefGrab-It in your favorites or bookmarks.

Using RefGrab-It:


1. From a web page, click on the RefGrab-It in your bookmark list

2. A RefWorks temporary results page will open. This page provides:

   a. a link back to the web page from which the information came

   b. basic information gathered from that web page

   c. additional information that RefGrab-it has found regarding the page

4. To add the web page information to your Refworks account, click on the Import button.

5. Your records will appear in the Last Imported Folder


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