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Cited References: Tracking Who Cited a Particular Publication: ScienceDirect

Using ScienceDirect to Search for Cited References

ScienceDirect (part of a SciVerse "Hub") is a publisher aggregate of journal articles (and some book content) published by Elsevier, a major academic publisher.  To search for cited references that can be found in Elsevier journals, start on the opening screen.  But instead of using the quick search boxes at the top, look for the tabbed search area below.



Open up the drop-down box and search specifically in References for your words.  Again, I search for Trivers.



I find both his name and the title term in over 600 articles--a goodly number!  If I wish to limit/refine the search by journal, topic, etc., I can do so in the left frame of my results page.

Note that we do not own ALL Elsevier content, but we should have most articles back to about 1995.  If the PDF icon appears beneath the article or you see the green box page icon to the left of the article title, we should have access to the article.