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WRI-H102-A - First Year Writing II, Professor Nicholas Frangipane: Home

"Science, the Unknown and Ethics" using the example of the science of quarantine vs. the ethics of restricting movement.

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Online Access to Sawyer Library Resources

In order to help facilitate the transition to online classes, this guide to library resources has been designed to support students who are working on their research paper for WRI H102-A, within the theme of "Science, the Unknown and Ethics." The search examples that follow illustrate how to find information to support a research paper on the science of quarantine and containment, vs. the ethics of restricting movement.

The library resources presented on each of the following tabs are appropriate for finding secondary sources to support the argument / thesis presented in your research paper.

Current students have access to the online resources from off-campus. At the point of clicking on a link to an online source, users should expect to be prompted for their Suffolk University username and password. This authenticates the user as part of the Suffolk community, and grants access to the online database.

Questions? Feel free to contact the Sawyer Library Reference Desk at: !

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