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What Database has the Article You are Looking For? This Guide Explains How to Check.

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The Process of Tracking a Particular Journal Article in Full-Text

This guide provides assistance in finding an online copy of a particular article through our Sawyer Library databases.

The problem library users sometimes face is that when they are looking for a particular article, they simply check a database they are familiar with and if the article does not come up, they assume that we do not have it.  Or perhaps they check Google Scholar or our multi-database "Quick Search."  The issue with this approach is that both of these search tools are selective and do not cover ALL of our many sources of full-text content.

The tabbed pages above will step you through a better process.

If you wish to check for the online availability of a particular journal, you may also bypass the explanations and go directly to the box below this one and check our eJournal Locator/Portal for the journal you need.

The last tabbed page above will provide you with a Citation Linker tool that looks for more than just the journal. It actually tracks specific articles.

If you do NOT know the article or journal you need, but are simply starting with a topic, go instead to one of our subject-specific guides and explore the Library Databases listed in the most appropriate Guide.

Mildred F. Sawyer Library eJournal Portal


This is the full version of the eJournal Locator mentioned on the following pages. You cannot identify individual articles or books using this search box. If you do not find the journal you are interested in here, consult the Library Catalog, which includes records for journals in paper, microform, and additional electronic formats.
Use the below box to search for an individual journal by its full title, title keywords, or ISSN.

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