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Connecting Wirelessly to the Library's Printers: Windows 7

Setting up multiple printers

Sawyer Library recommends setting up at least two library printers in order to have a backup printer for times of high use.

Please Note

After setup, you must be logged in to Suffolk’s wireless network in order to print. To log in, first ensure that your wireless is on, that you are connected to the ‘Suffolk Student’ wireless network, and that you have logged in with your wireless ID and password via a web browser.

If you do not know your logon ID

If you do not know your wireless ID, please call the helpdesk at 617-557-2000. Library staff are unable to log you in.


Sawyer Library Circulation Staff cannot modify or alter the settings on your personal laptop. If you need assistance, please contact Suffolk IT at 617-557-2000.

To Add a Printer:

  1. Connect to the Suffolk Student wireless network.
    1. For instructions on how to connect to the Suffolk University Wireless Network, click here.
  2. Click the button.
  3. In the search bar, type in: \
    Screenshot of the search for the server address
  4. You will be prompted to log in, enter\username and your password, using the same username and password as you would use for your email.
  5. In the window that opens, all of the printers available through PaperCut will appear.
    Screenshot of the printer list
  6. There are five Library printers available:
    • LibraryMain01
    • LibraryMain02
    • LibraryMain03
    • Library3rdFloor
    • Library4thFloor
  7. Choose one of these printers to add
  8. Right-click & choose connect
    Screenshot of the right-click menu over a printer
  9. A small popup will appear, showing the status of the installation.  This process will ensure that you also have the correct printer driver.
    Screenshot of the dialog box displaying the adding process
  10. To verify that a printer has been added, return to the Start Menu by clicking the  icon
  11. Select Devices & Printers
    Screenshot of the start menu with devices and printers selected
  12. The printer should be listed in this window
    Screenshot of the devices and printers menu
  13. Installing at least one additional printer at the library is recommended. This will ensure that you have choices if any printer encounters technical difficulties, or if the line at a release station is very long.
  14. To keep the connection between your computer and the printers live, you need to follow the instructions in the next box to create a shortcut to the pc-print server.


Creating a shortcut for the desktop

  1. Creating a shortcut on the desktop to the PaperCut server will make sure that the connection with the server stays live.
  2. Right-click on the desktop
  3. Choose New
  4. Choose Shortcut
  5. In the address bar, type in \\

  6. Click Next
  7. You will be prompted to log in.  
    Do so as:\username and enter your password, using the same information as you would for logging into your email account
  8. Check the box to remember your credentials.
  9. In the field marked Name, type in something like PaperCut Authentication
  10. Click 
  11. Once this shortcut has been created, your laptop will remain connected to the PaperCut server. While nothing needs to be done with it, do not delete it either.