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Connecting Wirelessly to the Library's Printers: Macintosh OS X

To add a printer:


  1. Connect to the Suffolk Student wireless network.
    1. For instructions on how to connect to the Suffolk University Wireless Network, click here.
    2. If you have not set SU_Student_WPA2 as a default network, it is recommended that you do so. Users connected to the SU_Guest wifi network -- now Airport's preference for automatic sign on, cannot print.  For more information, look in the left sidebar of this page.
  2. Click the Apple button button in the top left of your screen.
  3. Go to System Preferences
    Screenshot of Apple Menu 
  4. Click on Print and scan icon 
    Screenshot of the System Preferences Menu
  5. In the lower left corner, click the Plus sign
    Screenshot of the print and scan menu
  6. Right-click (Or hold down the CTRL button while regular clicking) on the upper gray portion of the Add a Printer menu
  7. Choose Customize Toolbar
    Screenshot of the customize toolbar option in the Add a Printer menu
  8. Click and drag the Advanced option up to the toolbar
    Screenshot of customizing the toolbar
  9. Once it has been dragged up, it should resemble the screenshot below
    Screenshot of the customized toolbar
  10. Click Done

  11. Click Advanced
  12. Set the dropdown menu for Type to Windows printer via spoolss
    Screenshot of the Type dropdown menu
  13. Type in the URL: smb://
    There are five printers in the library. Replace printername with one of those five names, such as
    • LibraryMain01
    • LibraryMain02
    • LibraryMain03
    • Library3rdFloor
    • Library4thFloor

      Screenshot of the bottom fields on the add a printer menu
  14. Change the information in the Name field to match the name of the printer you put in the URL field.  
    e.g. if the URL reads smb://, type LibraryMain02 into the name field
    Screenshot of the URL entered fully into the field
  15. Next to Use, set the dropdown to Generic PostScript Printer
    Screenshot of the printer driver dropdown menu
  16. In the window that opens, check off the box for Duplex Printing Unit
    Screenshot of the duplexing menu
  17. Click OK
  18. The printer will now be listed in the Print & Scan menu
    Screenshot of the Print & Scan menu with the new printer added


Before Printing, the PaperCut Client also needs to be installed.  To install the PaperCut client on a Mac, visit the page for installing the client on a Mac in this guide.

  1. Open the PaperCut Client from either your Mac's dock, or the Applications folder Screenshot of the PaperCut Client icon
  2. A small blue popup should open.  This indicates your balance.
    Screenshot of the popup with PaperCut Balance
  3. Open the document to print
  4. Go to File
  5. Choose Print
  6. Select the printer from the dropdown that has been added, such as LibraryMain02
    Screenshot of selecting a library printer
  7. Click Print
  8. First a window informing you of the print job's cost will open. Verify the cost of your job and click Print
    Screnshot of the Print Notification dialog box
  9. A second window informing you that your job has been sent to the queue will open. Click OK
    Screenshot of popup stating "Your job has been submitted to the queue for release"
  10. If you would like to verify that the job is in the queue, click on the Details link of the PaperCut balance popup
    Screenshot of the popup with PaperCut Balance
  11. The PaperCut account homepage will open. Click on Jobs Pending Release
    Screenshot of the PaperCut account homepage
  12. Any jobs waiting for release can be viewed here.  If you have sent any by mistake, you can also use this screen to cancel them.Screenshot of the Jobs Pending Release Page


Airport has begun defaulting some users to the SU_Guest wireless network, which cannot connect to the library printers.  

  • How can I tell if this is the problem I'm having? One of the primary indications of this issue is seeing a box like this after you send out a print job:
    Screenshot of Macbook printer error box with a swirling connection line on it
  • How do I switch to the SU_Student_WPA2 Network:
    • Click on the wifi symbol screenshot of the airport wifi symbolin the uppper right corner of your screen Screenshot of the toolbar in the upper left corner of a Macbook screen
    • Highlight the SU_Student_WPA2 Network
      Screenshot of Airport network connection options
    • You may be prompted to sign in again.  If so, this could take one of two forms:
      1. You are prompted for just your network username & password -- these are the same as what you use for your email
      2. You are prompted to sign into your MacBook as an administrator before you can enter your network credentials.
        1. First, sign in with your MacBook password (hint this means you'll already see a username, and you just need to type a password)
        2. Then in the next box that prompts for a username & password, enter your email address username (leave off the and password to log onto the network.
  • I can't seem to get it to change my password: To force your computer to ask you to log in again, you'll need to delete any saved passwords for the WPA2_Student network from your keychain.  To do that follow these steps:
    1. Select Go from the top menu of your Mac
    2. Choose Utilities
    3. Choose Keychain Access
    4. Scroll through, and highlight any entries that refer to SU_Student_WPA2
    5. Delete them
  • Is there any way I can make this stop happening? One great way to avoid this problem is to set up default networks on your MacBook. MacInstruct gives a great set of instructions.
  • I think I need more help with the Wireless Network: For further instructions on connecting to the Suffolk WPA networks, visit the Network & Telecommunications Wiki.

Whenever you are prompted to log in

At any point that PaperCut prompts you to log in, use the\username method, where you enter your email username and password.  Often, Macs will default to showing your Mac login ID.  Remove this and re-enter your PaperCut username and password, not your computer username and password.

Setting up multiple printers

Sawyer Library recommends setting up at least two library printers in order to have a backup printer for times of high use.

If you do not know your logon ID

If you do not know your wireless ID, please call the helpdesk at 617-557-2000. Library staff are unable to log you in.


Sawyer Library Circulation Staff cannot modify or alter the settings on your personal laptop. If you need assistance, please contact Suffolk IT at 617-557-2000.