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CJN - Media Documentary Studies and Production, Library Research Guide: Students' Showcase Samples


Production I
This course introduces the techniques and theories of audiovisual storytelling, with an emphasis on documentary production. Students will acquire knowledge and hands-on experience with production skills and concepts; they include: video production, audio production, lighting, and editing. Students work both individually and in teams, critiquing each other’s projects. Students develop their artistic voices as they learn the elements of video/film production in order to translate their creative visions to the screen.

Production II
Building on skills acquired in CJN 2355, students use advanced equipment and production techniques to produce documentary and narrative video projects from scratch to finish in a professional setting. The course enhances visual storytelling skills while exploring the difference between facts, truth, lies, and fraud. Students create a traditional documentary and then fictionalize elements of the story to create a hybrid film.

Production III
This advanced production course offers students an opportunity to synthesize the theories and techniques developed in CJN 2355 and CJN 3455. Working in groups and rotating production roles, students will research, propose, shoot, and edit original short documentaries that engage with social justice issues. The class will watch and analyze documentaries. Students should aim to produce professional work that will be exhibited at film festivals and serve as a centerpiece of their portfolios.