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CJN-4455 - Production III: CJN 4455 - Production III - Films

Access to recommended films via the Sawyer Library

Streaming Video Platforms available through the Sawyer Library

The Sawyer Library subscribes to multiple streaming video services, which provide a platform for obtaining licenses and access to films in their collections.

Several of the recommended films for CJN-4455 may be accessed through AVON, Kanopy, or Swank. 

Licenses for individual films typically expire after one year from the date of purchase. If a film is no longer available, please contact the Sawyer Library Reference Desk,

Films available through "AVON."

Films available through "Kanopy."

Not all films in the Kanopy catalog are available for immediate viewing. Users may request that the Library purchases a one-year license for a specific film. A list of all films currently available to the Suffolk community for unlimited streaming may be found here: 

Current licenses include:

Films available upon request through "Kanopy."

Licenses obtained via "Swank."

Streaming Video Platforms

The streaming services below have made their platforms available to be searched: