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Database Links without the Proxy: Home

If our Proxy Server is down or you have other database connection issues ON campus, these three pages of links will allow you to access our many databases. Unfortunately, these links will NOT work OFF campus.

For Use from On Campus when the Online System is Down

    We run our online databases through a "proxy server."  This allows us to authenticate members of our community who are off campus and grant them off-site access to our restricted databases and resources.  Once in a while, our proxy server and the other parts of our online catalog stop working or a database works, but not through the proxy, because of technical issues experienced by the vendor.

    • If you run into trouble going through our proxy server from on campus -- because the server is down, or for some other reason, these links will circumvent the proxy and bring you directly to the database.
    • Unfortunately, these links will not work from off campus, because if you are not at a Suffolk IP address and are not going through the proxy server, the database has no means of recognizing you as a legitimate (Suffolk) user.

    If you would like to search our online catalog when the system is down, try visiting  This subset of WorldCat reflects every title acquired to the library up until twenty-four hours before.