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Tax Forms and Useful Links: MA State Taxes

Need to Find Forms, File Online or Find Tax Help?

Massachusetts Taxes Information

Here are some useful links specific to Massachusetts Taxes.

  • Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR): Forms Edit/Delete Quick Stats
    You can search for a form by category via the menu bar on the left hand side of the page or via the alphanumeric Online Forms Index. If you need additional information about forms, the DOR suggests you call their main information lines at 617-887-MDOR (or toll-free in Massachusetts at 800-392-6089) for assistance.
  • Massachusetts DOR: Taxpayer Help & Resources Edit/Delete Quick Stats
    Here you can find FAQs, Tax Guides, Telephone Numbers and a link to find a Tax Preparer. Although the State is clearly oriented towards doing things online or by phone, a list of offices can be found at the bottom of this page.
  • Massachusetts DOR: WebFile for Income Edit/Delete Quick Stats
    You can use WebFile for Income to file your resident personal income tax return or locate a professional tax preparer in your area who can electronically file your tax return. You'll need to set up an account. This will give you access to many features for filing taxes, paying bills and notices, managing your account and more. Not everyone is eligible to use WebFile for Income to file your resident personal income tax return. There are FAQs and a video to the lower right to learn more.
  • Approved Software Vendors Edit/Delete Quick Stats
    State taxes are completely different than Federal and online filing options are different, too. Here is a list of approved software and e-filing options according to the DOR.
  • Massachusetts Health and Human Services: Find a Free Tax Site Edit/Delete Quick Stats
    Want to find free tax help and preparation in Massachusetts, usually provided by VITA, TCE or AARP? Check this site. But be aware that there are usually income or age restrictions for getting free help. You can also link to an IRS-sponsored zip code search here.

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