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Political Science: Literature Reviews_POLS_classes: Research Studies

Features of a
Published Research Study

Research studies in political science share some common features, as highlighted in these screen shot examples.  The illustrations are taken from:

Barth, S. K., Mittag, N., & Kyung H. Park. (2019). Voter Response to Hispanic Sounding Names: Evidence from Down-Ballot Statewide Elections. Quarterly Journal of Political Science, 14(4), 401–437.


APSA Style Manual (from the American Political Science Association)

The Article Abstract

Political science research studies are published in scholarly, peer reviewed journals. Scholarly, peer reviewed articles typically have abstracts. The abstract gives a summary of the article.

When searching for a research study, try searching for your topic together with terms that are likely to imply that the article describes a research study, such as findings, results, or evidence.

Research Design (Methods or Methodology)

The article will have a section devoted to the description of the research design, or the methods / methodology of the study.



Research Study Results

The article will report the research results, which may include data or statistics.


The final sections of the article include a discussion, conclusions, and a list of references.