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How to Access Wall Street Journal Article Archive, 1984 - present.: Home

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Off-Campus Access to Sawyer Library Online Resources

EZproxy Authentication - access databases from off campus

Current students have access to the online resources from off-campus. At the point of clicking on a link to an online source, users should expect to be prompted for their Suffolk University email username and password. This authenticates the user as part of the Suffolk community, and grants access to the online database.

Questions? Feel free to contact the Sawyer Library Reference Librarians at: !

Navigate to the Lists of Databases

All of the Sawyer Library's online resources are available from the Library's home page, at:

To find a specific database, scroll to the Databases drop down menu: 

Screen shot: Sawyer Library home page, Databases drop down menu.

What are "periodicals?"

Journals, magazines, & newspapers are published 'periodically:'

  • Daily newspaper
  • Weekly magazine
  • Monthly journal

Hence the term 'periodical databases.'