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INTO AE 065 - Spring 2022: Levels of Scholarship

How to Recognize a Scholarly Article

Scholarly vs. Popular

Scholarly Articles (Journals)

  • Are written by and for scholars or researchers (ex.: historians, doctors, biologists.)
  • Include a list of references, or works cited page.
  • Are often refereed or peer reviewed (reviewed by editors and/or other experts before publication).

Popular Articles (Magazines & Newspapers)

  • Are written by journalists or freelance writers for a general audience.
  • Rarely provide references.
  • Written for the general public.

The terms Refereed, Peer Reviewed, Academic, and Scholarly are often used interchangeably.

To be published in a peer reviewed (or refereed) journal, the article must be read and approved by other scholars in that field of study. For more on how to distinguish a scholarly journal from a popular magazine, see the Sawyer Library guide: Peer Review and Primary Literature: An Introduction.