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INTO AE 065 - Spring 2022: OneSearch: Search across Databases

What is included in the 'OneSearch' Option?

  • The 'OneSearch' box is the first option under 'Search Library Resources,' on the Mildred F. Sawyer Library home page. 
  • The 'OneSearch' feature, also called the 'Discovery Service,' searches across multiple article databases and the Library Catalog simultaneously. 
  • The results intermingle all varieties of content, regardless of the format: print books, e-books, articles (online), and streaming videos. 
  • This enables users to cast a very wide net to identify articles, books, e-books, and streaming videos in a single search. 

OneSearch's Advantages

  • Nearly every imaginable search will generate results.
  • Since multiple disciplines are represented by the underlying databases, users may find articles from sources that might not have been encountered otherwise.  

Limit and Sort Results

Search results can list hundreds of thousands of articles and books. 

  • Users should use the limit and sort options as a means of exploring the content, rather than exclusively relying on the relevancy algorithm's selection of the top 20 results.

OneSearch's Caveats

The OneSearch service does not cover the many specialized databases which contain:

  • company and industry profiles 
  • marketing information
  • country profiles.

The OneSearch Option as Short Cut

Users who are trying to locate a particular article or book may find that the OneSearch option provides a successful short cut.

However, due to the multiple formats and the range of underlying databases, users may not readily find the desired item. In those instances, it is important to be able to interpret the information that is conveyed in a citation, in order to determine the best alternative as to where to search for the item.

For example, is the desired item an article, or a chapter from a book with an editor and multiple contributors? In the case of an article, use the e-Journal search box to determine if there is access to the journal. In the case of a book, try searching for it in the Library Catalog.

OneSearch: Search for a Topic


Screen shot: Library home page and OneSearch Box: search for health disparities and policy

OneSearch (a.k.a. Discovery Service) List of Results

Most searches in the OneSearch box (also known as the Discovery Service) result in many thousands of items.

Screen shot: Result list using the OneSearch box for health disparities and policy


Limit & Sort Results from the OneSearch / Discovery Service

Screen shot: Narrow the search results with the limiters in the left margin of the OneSearch results

The limit options are displayed in the left margin of the search results screen. The most frequently used options are listed first.


Students who need articles from scholarly journals should limit their search results to those from 'peer reviewed' journals.


The limit by Publication Date allows the selection of the most recent articles, or those from a certain date range.


Additional source types that provide articles are magazines and newspapers.


The Subject option displays the most frequent subject terms that have been assigned to the resulting articles. This is similar to a 'more like this' feature.


The Publication option displays the titles of the most frequent journals, magazines, or newspapers among the results.