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Garrity Decision and Boston's Busing Crisis: Other Research Resources

Resources available through Suffolk University's Moakley Archive & Institute and the Mildred F. Sawyer Library.

Online Resources

The following external resources provide valuable information about the busing crisis in Boston:

  • Digital Commonwealth:
    • Collection of digitized primary sources on busing from various Massachusetts repositories
    • search the subject “Busing for school integration.” to view all items
  • Eyes on the Prize: American’s Civil Rights Movement 1954-1985; “The Story of the Movement - School Desegregation in Boston;” produced by PBS as part of its American Experiences series. Link
  • The Boston Busing/Desegregation Project, a project of the Union of Minority Neighborhoods:
  • Boston School Desegregation / Boston Busing Crisis: a bibliography by the Boston Public Library:  Link
  • Long Road to Justice: The African American Experience in the Massachusetts Courts; “Education: Morgan v. Hennigan;” produced by the Massachusetts Historical Society. Link

Local Archives

Harvard University

Ruth Batson Papers, Schlesinger Library 

ROAR Ephemera Related to the Anti-busing Activities, Widener Library (in library use only)

University of Massachusetts Boston

Judge W. Arthur Garrity Chamber Papers on the Boston Schools Desegregation Case: The papers in this collection constitute a day-to day file documentation of Morgan v. Hennigan, 379 F. Supp. 410 (1974). Portions of this large collection are digitized and can be browsed online.

Stark and Subtle Divisions: a Collaborative History of Segregation in Boston 

An interpretive site begun in 2015 by graduate students in the History and American Studies departments at UMass Boston. It includes links to digitized portions of 15 important archival collections related to the desegregation era, including sample documents from the papers of Judge W. A. Garrity, the papers of Louise Day Hicks (including ROAR materials), the papers of Boston Mayor Kevin White, the papers of Congressman Joe Moakley, the records of METCO, and more.  â€‹Fuller descriptions of some of these collections are given elsewhere on this page.

Boston City Archives

Guide to the Desegregation Era Records Collection: Boston Public Schools
Guide to the  Mayor Kevin H. White Records
Guide to the Papers of Louise Day Hicks


Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity, Inc Records [METCO]
CItywide Educational Coalition Records 
Freedom House, Inc. Records