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Citation, Style Manual, and Grammar Resource Guide: Library Citation Manager Software


Collect references by searching online databases or importing your existing collection. Organize and group references in any way that works for you. Then share your groups with colleagues. Use our plugin to format bibliographies and cite references while you write.

 To find EndNote within Web of Science:

 Click on the 'Products' launcher (9-dot-box) in the upper right corner of Clarivate's Web of Science opening screen:

NoodleBib via NoodleTools

After selecting a citation type, the software provides field-by-field assistance for every citation element, including all types of online resources.

You can keep multiple bibliographies in a “Personal Folder,” which can be shared with others. Contents of bibliographies are automatically generated in alphabetical order. In addition, NoodleTools offers NoodleBib note cards or “e-index cards,” which allow you to pull out, organize, and integrate research information. Notes may be linked to sources and/or created separately as independent ideas and then organized within the “Personal Folder.”

EndNote Support from Clarivate

NoodleBib Support from NoodleTools

Additional Citation Manager Notes

There are many similar citation software and websites. Some cost money, while others offer free or ad supported versions, like Citation Generator, Zotero, and EasyBib.  Explore your options, but be cautious about downloading software or using systems that are on the open web.

When using ANY bibliography software, keep in mind that they can make critical citation formatting mistakes. You must evaluate and edit the citations you produce and make sure that they meet the style standards.