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Citation Tools in Sawyer Library Databases: Gale Databases

How to Create Formatted Citations Using Database Tools in Our Online Resources

Finding Citation Information in Gale/Cengage Databases

We have quite a few Gale Databases. Unfortunately, they do not have a consistent platform. In most cases, college students will be using either Academic OneFile or Health Reference Center-Academic, which do have a similar interface.  This example is from Academic OneFile.

First, perform a search.

Then, select an item to cite.


Note that TOOLS are gathered in a box to the upper right of the item record.



When you click on Citation Tools, you can generate a citation in MLA or APA style, or export to RefWorks.


When you save this citation, it creates it on a separate webpage, where you can copy and paste it.

When you print an article in HTML, you will see a generic citation at the end of the printed article. Also, when you email an article to yourself, you have the option of including a specific-style citation.


Remember: This is another example of a computer tool creating something and a computer tool can get it wrong.  Always check any machine-generated citation against the style guide you are using to verify that it is accurate.

In other Gale databases (like the several Resource Center databases, In Context databases, and GVRL), you can sometimes find a generic citation at the end of an article or item.  Look to the bottom of the display or printed item, as in this example:

Although all the key information you need is in this generic "Source Citation", it is NOT normally in the exact format of a particular style, so double-check and adapt the reference as needed.

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