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How to Create Formatted Citations Using Database Tools in Our Online Resources

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How to Find and Create Citations in Sawyer Library Databases

This guide helps students and faculty locate and utilize the tools and features available in some of our databases that allow you to build a citation in a particular format.  After making use of these tools, you can oftentimes copy and paste a complete citation (in APA, MLA or other format) directly into your preferred word processing software.

Click on a tab above to see instructions specific to a particular vendor platform.

Sawyer Library also has two online resources that actually help students build and store their bibliographies.  Both are described in our separate Citation, Style Manual, and Grammar Resource Guide, along with general websites and reference print resources that help with citation tasks. NoodleBib is a basic tool that leads the user through building citations and then allows you to store them.

Although most databases have an export function for citation information, not all have an actual citation-builder tool.  JSTOR is an example of one of these databases. The "Other Databases like JSTOR" tab illustrates how to get the citation information you need from any academic database.

CAUTION:  If a database uses a computer algorithm to devise a citation for you, that's a wonderful time-saver.  However, whether you are using a citation-builder tool from these databases or a citation manager like Zotero, be aware that computer tools DO GET THINGS WRONG. So, always compare your citations to the citation style guide that your professor wants you to use. You are responsible for the accuracy of the references at the end of your paper.

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