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Globalization [SIB-101]: Types of Sources

Background Research

Research on Countries

World Political Map from the CIA World Fact Book, 2019

Map from the CIA's World Fact Book.

Research on Industries

Stock photos of various industries

When looking for information within the theme of globalization, be aware that:

  • industries / companies may be part of the cause and/or solution to challenges;
  • it is likely that more than one country is impacted;
  • international organizations may play a role, or may provide information.

Analysis and Interpretation

Read articles from scholarly journals, magazines, and newspapers, to help you analyze and interpret trends.

Icons: magnifier, turning gears, lightbulb, archery target

Podcast: Bike Shortage due to COVID-19

Consider the breadth and depth of research preparation that was necessary to produce this 3 minute podcast. 

Library Instruction: Video tutorials

OECD Video: