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Sawyer Library Services During Covid-19: Reserving Study Spaces and Computers

This guide contains the most current information on the Sawyer Library's services and building operations.

Using the Computer/Seat Reservation System

 Reserve Library seats and computer time using the University’s seat reservation system. See instructions below.

Some things to be aware of:

  • All users must have an appointment to come into the library 
  • Reservations are available as one 3-hour reservation in one seat or two 1.5 hour reservations in different seats. Three hours is the daily limit per person.   
  • There are several types of seats: table, study carrel, computer, etc.
  • To use the printers on the main floor of the library, reserve a computer seat.
  • Check in at the front desk to show your reservation (on a phone or device) to a library staff member 
  • Find your seat and scan the QR code to claim your seat (if it doesn't work then you might be at the wrong seat!)
  • Group study rooms cannot be made available for use at this time


1. Visit:

This will take you to the New Reservation page, where you can look for available spaces/seats by location.

1. Use the Select a Location dropdown to choose a location where you want to find a seat.

2. You can filter to a specific Category or spaces.

3. From the Capacity dropdown, select Single Seat Booking.

4. Click the Show Availability button.

Navigating the availability grid

The availability grid displays the available time slots for each bookable seat.

a. By default, the grid will display the availability for the current date. If there are no available times on the current date. Click Go To Date or Next Available button to choose a different date.

b. The grid shows availability times in one of four color patterns

  • Open (green by default): this indicates a time slot that is available to be booked. Clicking one of these slots will start a booking for the corresponding seat.
  • Unavailable/Padding (red by default): this indicates a time slot is not available to be booked.
  •  Your Pending Booking (yellow by default): this indicates the booking duration selected by the user.
  • Closed (light gray): this indicates that the space is closed at that time (i.e. falls outside of the space's open hours), or that the time slot occurred in the past (expired).

Submitting a booking

1. Click on an open time slot to create a booking starting at that time.

2. Below the availability grid, you'll find a summary of the booking, including:

  • The seat name
  • The start date and time of the booking
  • he end date and time of the booking
  • the trash can button, which will remove the seat from your booking

3. By default, the end time of your booking will be set to the default booking duration for that seat's category.

4. Click on the Submit Times button.

5. On the Booking Details page, complete the provided booking form fields.

a. Use your Suffolk e-mail address when booking spaces.

6. Click the Submit my Booking button. You'll be taken to a confirmation page summarizing your booking, and you will also receive an email confirmation. Use this email to check into your seat.

Library Hours


General Rules and Safety Precautions

To ensure the safest environment possible for the Suffolk Community, please be aware of the following changes to library operations:

  • All users must check-in at the front desk as they enter the library
  • All library staff and users must wear masks at all times
  • Seating and library computer stations must be reserved online before entering the library
  • Printing is available at the Library's computer stations on the main floor, just reserve a  Library Computer Seat on

  • Maintain at least 6 feet of distance between yourself and others
  • Eating and drinking are not allowed in the Library
  • Follow new library signage that indicate traffic flows and social-distancing boundaries