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Faculty Tools: Classroom Readings & Permissions

Online Resources for Citation and Journal Analysis and for Identifying Publishing Opportunities and Funding

Copyright Guide

This page focuses on copyright related to course uses. See the guide linked below  for broader copyright concerns.

Copyright on Campus

Permission Process

  1. Requests for permission to use materials or copy materials are directed to the copyright holder.
  2. Your request should be submitted promptly to ensure that the copyright holder has sufficient time to respond to your request.
  3. Requests should be specific in terms of identifying the material, the purpose, the quantity, and if a change in format is needed.

Include the following information:

  • Name and address of the educational institution
  • Date
  • Name and address of the copyright holder
  • Title, edition, or volume
  • Copyright date
  • Author, editor, or translator
  • ISBN or ISSN
  • Specific pages
  • Number of copies
  • Course name and number
  • Semester and year
  • Name of instructor
  • Instructor contact information

Linking to Online Articles

If an article is available via a Sawyer Library database, access to the article can be provided to students using a Permanent URL or PURL.  Since you are not creating a new copy of the content, there is no need to obtain permission when sharing via library links.  For more information on creating PURLs to articles in the Sawyer Library databases, visit:

Harvard Business Review

The Sawyer Library pays additional license fees to allow for the distribution of articles from the Harvard Business Review to students as a course reading.  Therefore, copies of HBR articles obtained from the Business Source Complete database do not require additional permission prior to any Suffolk class use.  For more on this specific license, see this blog entry.

Copyright Clearance Center

The Copyright Clearance Center is a service that works to obtain copyright permissions for reproducing scholarly works.  They also offer services to assist authors in protecting their own works.

Publisher Sites for Permission

Special Thanks

to Kathryn Dunham who compiled this information initially for her guide at:

Copyright Permissions Organizations

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