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Subscribing to Journal RSS Feeds: Home

More about RSS Readers

If you are unfamiliar with RSS Readers or their use, these two pages will assist you in choosing one and in using it to subscribe to RSS feeds from around the web.  YOU MUST HAVE AN RSS READER ACCOUNT SET UP ON THE WEB OR DOWNLOADED TO YOUR COMPUTER BEFORE YOU BEGIN SUBSCRIBING TO RSS FEEDS.

The RSS Symbol

RSS Logo

Most, but not all of the time, RSS feeds are denoted by an icon resembling the one above.

An introduction to RSS Feeds

  • RSS, or Real Simple Syndication, is a technology that pushes out newly updated bits of content to programs that can read a special xml file of this content.
  • Using RSS to keep track of new posts to blogs, new issues of journals, and other news from around the web can be a great targeted and efficient means of staying up to date on whatever interests you.
  • In addition to tracking the feeds from sites that interest you, RSS readers often have the ability to suggest additional feeds that seem relevant to your interests based on the feeds to which you've already subscribed.
  • It is worth noting that this guide focuses on content available through RSS within library resources -- most of which require one to login from off campus. In many cases, the links within an RSS feed do not account for this fact, and it is necessary to edit the post URLs manually to include a prefix of 0- and an infix of  Make sure not to add this information to the feed itself as that will prevent any posts from displaying.
    • In other words, the link to this article:




It is wise to remember that the library does not subscribe to the full-text of all of these journals. However, this is an excellent site for locating the feeds to a wide variety of journals in numerous subjects.

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