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Subscribing to Journal RSS Feeds: Wiley

Locating RSS Feeds

The Wiley Online Library Provides RSS feeds for each of its journals.

  1. Go to Wiley Online Library
  2. Click on the Publications Tab
     screenshot of part of the Wiley Online Library opening page
  3. Filter the list down to the publication type of journals, by clicking on the word Journals under Filter List along the right sidebar.
    screenshot of filtering function in Wiley Online Library 
  4. Use the letter links at the top of the pane to navigate to the title of the journal to which you wish to subscribe
    screenshot of alphabetical navigation links 
  5. Click on the journal's title
  6. Under Journal Tools, click on the Get RSS feed that appears in the upper left corner of the screen
     screenshot of journal tools part of page
  7. Copy the URL from the page that opens.
    screenshot of the navigation bar with URL to RSS feed 
  8. Follow the instructions under Adding a Subscription to an RSS Reader to complete the process of subscribing to the feed.

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