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Subscribing to Journal RSS Feeds: SAGE

Getting Issue RSS Feeds from Sage

  1. Access Sage Journals Online
  2. In the silver bar along the top, mouse over Browse to browse either by title or by subject for a journal
    screenshot of sage homepage
  3. Click to browse either Journal by Title or Journals by Discipline
  4. On the alphabetical list, expand the list of journals beginning with a specific letter by clicking the screenshot of expand symbol next to that letter
    screenshot of expanded list view for the letter b
  5. Click on the title of a journal
  6. Clicking on either the RSS tab or the RSS Feed link along the right sidebar will open the same page
    Screenshot of title homepage for a journal in sage
  7. Click on the feed to which you would like to subscribe:
    screenshot of the feed options for a journal
  8. Copy the URL of the RSS feed out of the navigation bar of your web browser
    screenshot of web browser nav bar with RSS URL in it 
  9. Follow the instructions under Adding a Subscription to an RSS Reader to complete the process of subscribing to the feed.

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